Volunteers Needed to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving

November 20, 2015 / volunteer / Volunteer

Are you and your family trying to find a helpful way to spend your Thanksgiving? Would you like to make an impact on your community and spread love to your neighbors? There are always many volunteer opportunities in the Columbus, OH area, but especially on Thanksgiving, a day normally spent feasting and celebrating, but just a normal day for the homeless and hungry in our city.

You can make a difference by partnering with some of the organizations that are focused on bringing new life and hope to the Columbus area. Here are the opportunities available for you to get involved and take a hands-on approach to making your city a better place for all.


Work With the Community Shelter Board


Have you ever heard of the Community Shelter Board? The organization oversees all funding towards ending homelessness in Ohio and creates action plans to reach that end. Their overall goal is that no one live on the streets and everyone have a safe, protected place they can call home. They respond to crises, guide the transition from homelessness to stability and plan efforts in the community to make sure residents are involved and engaged as well. They also advocate for public policy decisions that will have an affect on job creation and other economic factors that may contribute to ending homelessness for many.

The Community Shelter Board has recently opened a new building that can accommodate 356 individual adults and 85 families. Each person that is placed in an emergency housing situation receives one-on-one attention from a case manager called a navigator. These trained individuals help guide them to a place of stability. While they are working out the details, the Community Shelter Board sees a large benefit in providing hot, ready-made meals during this time.

While the Community Shelter Board has the ability to raise funds for food by partnering with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, they need help serving and cleaning up after every meal. On Thanksgiving, you and your children (14 years of age and up) can go to the dorms and prepare the dining room for a meal, serve the food to the current residents and clean up the kitchen and dining room following the meal. They need volunteers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If possible, they will also take monetary donations to help subsidize the cost of the food.


Work With Stowe Mission of Central Ohio


The Stowe Mission of Central Ohio is another organization attending to the needs of those in the inner-city who may not have enough food or clothing or have inadequate housing or none at all. The organization is faith-based. They offer free tutoring, give away blankets and clothing, help lower income adults with training and gaining employment and more.

On Thanksgiving Day, they are running a street cleanup on Parsons Ave. all morning in order to give the area a much-needed facelift. They are also serving Thanksgiving Lunch at the mission and will need volunteers. They are also looking for pie donations for the guests, as well as canned food donations for the pantry and baby items for their brand new Pregnancy Medical Clinic.

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